I’ve tried to answer some of the popular questions below. If your question is not here, please, contact me and I will be happy to reply.

FAQ. Film photographer in Los Angeles Anastasiya Pankova
FAQ. Film photographer in Los Angeles Anastasiya Pankova
FAQ. Film photographer in Los Angeles Anastasiya Pankova
FAQ. Film photographer in Los Angeles Anastasiya Pankova

What types of photoshoots do I do?

I love genuine emotions and I love to help people to save their memories, wether alone, with a family, a friend or a loved one.

Why film?

To me, film has this outstanding ability to show things in a pure, natural way that doesn’t need post processing. The skin tones that color film shows are exactly what you see in person from your own eyes (only softer and way more flattering). 

If you shoot film, does it mean I miss out on digital images?

Never! With the help of a professional lab, film is digitally scanned and downloaded. You will receive digital images you can then post, share and spread around the world in any way you like.

How do I book a photoshoot?

Just hit the “contact me” button and write which type of shoot are you ready to book. We will discuss possible dates and places. I will help you to find the appropriate outfits.

DoI need to pay a deposit to book a photoshoot?

Yes. To secure the date, I would ask for a deposit, which I will use to buy film rolls specifically for our session. The rest of the payment is due the day of the actual shoot.

Can I cancel the photoshoot or move it to a different date?

You can cancel a photoshoot 72 hours in advance without any fee. If you cancel within 72-h period, I will keep your deposit. 

It is possible to reschedule a photoshoot one time 48 hours in advance.

How long does a film photoshoot last?

I don’t usually put a specific time limit to my sessions. We all need different times to start feeling comfortable in front of a camera. For most of the sessions it is no more than 1.5 hours. This is time necessary to get the appropriate results. Note, that if you are late and/or in a hurry, I cannot guarantee the results to be acceptable.

How long do I need to wait for the film photos to be ready?

I try to deliver the photos as fast as I can, but remember that I need to go to the actual film lab where the film get developed and scanned. The stated time frame is 10 business days.

FAQ. Film photographer in Los Angeles Anastasiya Pankova

If you don’t see your questions here, contact me and I will do my best to answer it.

What if I want the photos faster?

No worries! That is possible too! Contact me directly and, for an extra fee, your photos will be delivered within 2 business days.

Do you edit film photos?

After the photos come from the lab I do some light color-correction and minimal retouching if necessary. I do not do any major post processing: All my photos are true to life and beautiful as they are.

Can you make my legs longer, my nose smaller, my lips bigger?

I believe every person is beautiful the way they are. So I will not alter your body afterwards. If you feel uncomfortable about some part of your body, it’s absolutely normal and we can discuss it before the shoot. It is possible to make things better by choosing the right fabric, clothes, angle. Just tell me in advance and I will make my best to show how beautiful you are without any post modifications.

How many outfits can I change?

It depends from session to session (love story vs portrait). Usually 1-2 outfits is a good amount. I always ask to bring some accessories to include in the shoot (a book, eye wear, statement jewelry, bags, jackets, belts etc) to make photos more varied. 

What camera do I use?

I am a Canon fan. So, both of my film cameras are Canon: Canon EOS 3 and Canon Elan II.

What are negatives? Do I get these?

Negatives are the hard copies of the photos. I don’t give these away.

Are you willing to travel?

Totally! Just send me a message!

FAQ. Film photographer in Los Angeles Anastasiya Pankova